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Ken Atchity has spent his lifetime helping writers and artists get started with and improve their careers.

After nearly twenty years as a professor of literature and teacher of creative writing at Occidental College and UCLA, and almost a quarter-century as a working manager and producer in Hollywood, Dr. Atchity knows his way around the filmmaking process, both independent and studio.

Whether you’re in production, stuck on the umpteenth draft, trying to switch from studio to indie, trying to find an agent, or your movie is still just a passing dream, Ken’s coaching will help you bring it to life.

By bringing their craft and technique to the level of their ambition and vision, through Writer's Lifeline, and as a literary manager with AEI Online, Dr. Atchity has helped hundreds of writers around the world, from novelists and children’s book writers to politicians and playwrights, screenwriters to directors to CEOs writing their first book, find a market for their work and extend their brands and platforms into publishing and entertainment.

His daily blog,, keeps thousands of writers and artists updated on entertainment issues.

As a career coach, Ken helps individual writers and artists plan and implement specific strategies designed to achieve their goals and develop their craft. Most popular focus areas include:

  • Moving into Markets Beyond Your Own Backyard

  • Creating a Presence in the U.S.

  • Translation Issues (and solutions)

  • How Do I Know If My Work Is Good Enough for the Global Market?

  • Plots that Sell Globally

  • Building Characters

  • Settings That Sell in the U.S.

  • Choosing Your Next Work

  • Effective, Economical Publicity

  • Self-publishing: Perils and Opportunities

  • How Do I Publish My Children's Book?

  • How to Find an Agent (Dr. Atchity will refer you to his management company or an appropriate agent once your work is ready for presentation).

  • How to Approach Publishers Directly.

  • How Can I Get My Novel Made Into a Film?

  • What Do I Need to Know or Do about BRANDING?

  • Today's 2 Hollywood Market s & How to Navigate Them

  • Do I Need an Agent?

  • How Do I Find One? (when your work is ready, Dr. Atchity will refer it)

  • The Value of Contests

  • How Do I Know if My Work Is Good Enough for Hollywood?

  • What Is Television Looking for?

  • Where Can I Find a U.S. Collaborator for My Work?

  • How Do I Stand Out from the Pack?

  • How Can I Accelerate the Process of Getting My Script Made Into a Film?

  • Becoming a Proactive Filmmaker

Dr. Atchity began his career as an educator. Today his credits include:

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Career Coaching
One-off session
$125 : (30 min telecom + 3 brief follow up emails in following 7 days (more emails okay but on further hourly charge))
NOTE: for a translator on the line, add 25% per session.
All fees payable in advance.
$1,250: (12 Weekly 30-minutes for 3 months + email f/us)
$2,500: (24 Weekly 30-minutes for 6 months + email f/us)

The same basic fee is available for work provided outside the telecom, such as submissions of your project and/or making publicity connections to serve your project.

(Rates are subject to change. Email to confirm current rates and/or discuss a custom coaching/mentoring package).


Q: What is the difference between working with this service and the services offered by

A: Writers Lifeline services are provided by our editorial/writing staff under my direction. With Career Coaching, you're dealing one-on-one with me.

Q: Why did you start this Career Coaching service?

A: For two reasons: (1) My frustration at not being able to assist enough writers directly as I once did regularly as a professor; and (2) the changing realities of the literary management business where there is simply no more time available, as we increase our involvement in producing films and tv, to spend uncompensated time with writers.

Q. Can you help me submit my work to buyers?

A: Absolutely. When your work is ready for submission, I will either pick up the phone and submit it for you (no commission!), or I'll suggest a representative who might be right for it.