Reader Comments

Seven Ways To Die by William Diehl

I absolutely loved Seven Way to Die. Between the wolves, Charlie, and Cody, I fell in love and cried like a baby at the end. I could not tell when Diehl was writing or Atchity—it was a seamless transition. It was beautifully written and captured my attention from the first page. I hope that it will become the movie that Diehl and Atchity originally dreamed of.”

-Sassy H. Johnson, Writer

Write: Treatments to Sell by Kenneth Atchity

I’m writing the first treatment I’ve ever written that’s not sounding like a book report and I thank Ken for that. I loved his book and I think it’s going to change my life.

-Jeff Gress, Screenwriter

I just bought a copy of Writing Treatments that Sell, and I’m devouring it before writing a one-page pitch for the novel I just optioned. That turns out to have been a very wise decision. I’ve already learned so much, not only about writing a treatment, but about focusing the story and the characters from the novel for the final script.

-Karen Grube, Screenwriter, San Diego, CA

Write Time: Guide to the Creative Process, from Vision through Revision – and Beyond by Kenneth Atchity

Hi Ken,

I wanted to let you know that Write Time is a breakthrough for my writing. I especially like your system of budgeting time and the idea of vacations. Hurray! I get it. Writing during concentrated times makes tremendous sense.

I found your book to be so enriching that I have required it as a text for my classes. It is making a difference in the ability of my students to begin to pull their writing together into meaningful segments.

There is so much here for me to learn, and yet we are on the same wave link. I created a handout called Kitchen Table Writing that I have used for a long time in classes and at conferences. I refer to the Michelangelo story about creating the David. My theory is that we already have the story inside and only need to get out of the way to find it.

Many thanks, Anne

“I read this book a few years ago and it had a huge impact on my writing and creating. Ken Atchity is possibly the best writing coach alive. Read the book and you’ll learn a lot from it. I’m in the early process of Kenneth being my writing and creative coach and I couldn’t pick a more skilled guide in this field. He is the wisest of counsel regarding writing… read this book and you will benefit as well!”

-Daren Denholm, Writer